Automatic driving lessons walsallAutomatic driving lessons walsall

Driving a car with an automatic transmission, although it seems easier than driving a manual transmission, actually has many of its own nuances. If you want to get a driver’s license and subsequently become a driver of a car with Automatic car lessons, sign up for driving courses at the Just Pass school, which are designed specifically for drivers who prefer automatic transmissions!

Learning to drive an automatic transmission at the driving school “Just Pass”

As part of this driving course, instructors will introduce you from the very basics, what are the main features of cars with automatic transmission and how to drive them correctly. In what position should the driver’s feet be, how to correctly switch the gear mode selector, which absolutely cannot be done in a car with an automatic transmission, so as not to create an emergency situation on the road or damage the vehicle’s transmission.

The training program for driving cars with an automatic transmission includes the study of a theoretical part (traffic rules, as well as the basics of driving a car with an automatic transmission), as well as a practical part (direct car driving lessons).

At the same time, you choose the make and model of the vehicle on which the training will be carried out! We offer cars of both domestic production and foreign cars.

How are driving lessons taught with an automatic transmission as part of the training course?

The first lessons are held at a specially equipped training ground of our driving school, where you will learn the basic skills of driving a car with an automatic transmission. In the future, you will have to drive in urban conditions along pre-planned routes of our driving school (or traffic police routes). But don’t be afraid, because there will be an instructor next to you who will always tell you what to do if you suddenly get confused while driving.

This teaching method allows our students to gain driving skills in a car with an automatic transmission in the shortest possible time. Come, we will teach you too!

“Juss Pass” – the advantages of our driving school.

  1. Our driving courses meet your expectations as closely as possible. If you have set a goal for yourself – to learn how to drive a car with an automatic transmission, do not hesitate, in our Just Pass driving school you will definitely achieve it!
  2. Class times are designed in such a way that everyone can sign up for us, even people with a very busy work schedule. If you previously could not enroll in a driving school due to lack of time, our schedule of classes will allow you to finally realize your long-time dream of passing your license!
  3. For our students, on an individual basis, we are ready to offer a distance learning method for the theoretical part of the course. Find out more about this by calling our driving school at the numbers provided.
  4. Experienced instructors with many years of experience teaching driving will help you master all the nuances of traffic rules, as well as the features of Automatic driving lessons walsall transmission.
  5. Free trial classes! Come, make sure that you need to learn how to take Automatic driving lessons and sign up for courses!

How much does it cost to learn to drive an automatic transmission?

The price of a driving course for cars with an automatic transmission is 23,500 rubles! At the same time, you can pay for training with us in stages (in cash or to our bank account, using your card). Do you want to learn more about driving courses for cars with automatic transmission at the Just Pass driving school? Then call us right now.

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