Making wise furniture selections is sometimes necessary when residing in a small flat. Do you wish you had a large dining room to entertain friends and family but are concerned that your space isn’t big enough? Do not be alarmed! The extendable 6 seater dining table is your hidden weapon for saving space.

Beyond the Fundamentals: The Enchantment of Adaptability

In a small flat, a conventional 6 seater dining table could seem like a luxury. However, the versatility of an extensible table is what makes it so magical. It can be used as a conventional four or 6 seater when not in use for big parties. Here’s how Wooden Street’s extendable tables can save you tonnes of space

  • Easy Transformation: The table extends to seat more people for dinners, gaming nights, or family get togethers with a straightforward mechanism (such as a pull out extension or butterfly leaf).
  • Optimised Efficiency: When the table is not in use, it takes up very little floor space, making your flat feel more spacious and conducive to simple mobility.
  • Ideal for Daily Use: With the table folded down, you may work from home or have romantic dinners.

Unleashing Your Space’s Potential

Here are some more pointers to help you make the most of your extended 6 seater dining table‘s space saving magic.

  • Select the Appropriate Size: Take precise measurements of your area and choose a table that will fit both when it is extended and closed. Wooden Street has a range of sizes to fit the layout of your flat.
  • Form Is Important: Even when stretched, a round or oval table will provide the impression of greater space.
  • Clever Seating Options: To maximize floor space, choose chairs that tuck neatly beneath the table when not in use.

Wooden Street: One Stop Shop for Magic That Lasts

Wooden Street has an extensive selection of premium extendable 6 seater dining tables that are made from sturdy materials such as Sheesham wood. To locate the ideal table that matches your decor and available space, peruse their assortment of contemporary and traditional styles.

                             Therefore, don’t let a little space prevent you from throwing special events. A 6 seater dining table from Wooden Street has the flexible magic to make your small apartment a one that encourages community and shared experiences.

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