Golden Pearl Beauty cream

No one needs to be convinced about the importance of Beauty cream. However, it turns out that many women still give up using it in their care, and this is a severe mistake. It is worth realizing how important it is to choose the correct cream. What can you choose, and what will be best for your skin?

Face cream – how to choose?

When choosing a face cream, your skin type is essential. Her type determines what her needs are. It is dry if the skin is often tense, dry, and flakes. Its opposite is skin that is often shiny and acne-prone – called combination or acne skin. If your skin turns red quickly during temperature changes, when eating spicy foods, or as a result of stress, and your blood vessels burst, you have coupe rose skin. Skin full of wrinkles and furrows is mature skin. And if you don’t see any of the above problems on your face, you’re lucky – you have normal skin. This one is the easiest to care for. However, it can be addressed.

Types of face creams

Even once you know your skin type, there is still no easy choice. You also need to know what creams are available on the market and which are best for which skin. You can find moisturizing, mattifying, nourishing, firming, revitalizing creams… Which of them will work for which skin type?

It is worth noting that a natural face cream intended to moisturize the skin should be included in the cosmetics bag of owners of all skin types. It is mandatory not only for dry skin but also for vascular skin. Ladies with oily and problematic skin also need to moisturize it to reduce the amount of sebum secreted. Those with mature skin should choose a moisturizing cream. Only then will it be able to prevent premature skin aging.

The firming face cream is a cosmetic that will be appreciated by people with all skin types as soon as they are in their twenties. It is often said that the skin whitening cream should be selected according to age. You can agree with this, but there is no point in getting too attached to it. The 30+ face cream will be used successfully earlier and later. What matters is its composition—the same as face creams 40+ or ​​face creams 50+. You need to realize that the inscription on the jar should not be the determinant but the substances used to create the cosmetic. They influence its operation. So, the smoothing face cream will work for all ages. It will help, not hurt. Mature ladies should include a revitalizing and illuminating cream in their care. Thanks to it, the skin regains a healthy, radiant appearance.

Day and night cream?

Finally, it does not matter which cream you use for the day and which for the night. These cosmetics have a completely different formula. The day face cream is lighter, so you can apply makeup over it, and it often also has a UV filter to protect the skin. In turn, the night face cream is heavier and has higher concentrations of active substances to revitalize the skin in the best possible way at night.


moisturizer for dry skin is a cosmetic created primarily for dry skin. Its ingredients must ensure that the skin does not lose water. However, a good moisturizing cream is not greasy. Moreover, it must nourish the skin, soothe irritations, and prevent wrinkles. Dry skin is much more susceptible to their formation. Such a nourishing cream should, therefore, increase the elasticity of dry skin. It is good that it contains shea butter and golden algae extract like the Golden Pearl Cream. This nourishing face cream contains vitamin E, called the “vitamin of youth,” and the innovative ingredient NHAC Biocervin® MIC-1 – a raw material from stem cells from red deer antlers, which has a regenerating effect.

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