Technology has shifted the paradigm of traditional learning. Students no longer have to rush and travel miles to get to their classrooms. Digital learning has made things easier for students, you only need to have the desire to pursue your education along with an internet connection. Nowadays, there are several online resources which you can utilise to catalyse your online learning experience. In this article, you will find some key resources which you can turn to for getting help with an online class. 

Teachers And Instructors 

Teachers are the first key resource when navigating an online class. If you are struggling with an assignment or need clarification on some tough concepts then teachers are the most suitable option. They know exactly what the student’s challenges are and how to cater for them effectively because they have years of experience. You can take their assistance for an online master’s class help to learn the course material or to understand any tough concept. 

Digital Libraries

Another key resource is digital libraries which have got immense recognition since the emergence of e-learning. You can find all sorts of journals, books, articles, and databases which you require from an online class. Most of the online libraries are free of cost but some features require a premium version, therefore, ask your institute to give you access because they often purchase access for their students. Henceforth, get the maximum benefit from such content. 

Study Tool-Kit 

Once you have embarked on the online learning journey, managing and preparing a study toolkit is crucial. It includes all the required resources you must have during an online class. Make sure to have the study material, calculators, flashcards, note-taking tools, referencing material, guides etc. If you are fully well-equipped, it will make it easier for you to take your online class. 

Mentoring Programs 

In mentoring programs, many universities also offer former or senior students to assist juniors. Senior students are often familiar with the challenges of the online classes. Therefore, if your institute offers such mentorship programs for students then do avail such opportunities. Learn from the experience of previous students so that you do not commit the same mistakes as them. 

Student Portal

Student portal is another useful resource that students can turn to for assistance. They can discuss their challenges and get their queries answered by their peers. Every student faces more or less the same difficulties in an online class. Henceforth, discussing it with people having the same mindset and challenges is helpful for online learning. 

Online Communities 

With the rise of online classes, many online communities also came to the forefront. Many people make online groups with a certain group name to cater for the needs of students. In these online communities, you can have access to multiple people from all around the world. You can find such groups on social media websites, LinkedIn groups, Reddit, Quora etc. You can easily seek assistance from teachers and educators and utilise these forums for your e-learning. 

Organising Resources 

Being organised is highly crucial in online classes because you can easily forget some deadlines when you have other tasks at hand. Having some scheduling Apps helps you stay on track without missing out the important deadlines. Put a reminder to remember important dates for submission. Trello and Asana are both organising Apps which are helpful for students to make study schedules, organise their assignments and add all the due dates for their online classes. 

Teamwork Resources 

When you enrol yourself in an online class, most of the discussions are also through online mediums. There will hardly be days where you go in person to discuss your online class subjects with your peers. Therefore, being an online class student, you must have access to all the workspace or tools which are required for discussion with your classmates. Mostly Google Workspace including Google Docs, Sheets, GTalk, and Slides have to be installed. In addition, familiarise yourself with resources like Slack and Trello where you can have discussions and share material for effective communication. 


To conclude, online classes can be overwhelming if you do not have access to the right resources. When students struggle with their online classes, they often ask others, “Can you take my online class for me? However, it is merely because of a lack of knowledge of the key resources which you can exploit for your benefit. With the right study tool kit, access to online discussion forums, and access to learning material can help you get through the difficulties of an online class. 

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