Daily.co.uk as a Website

Daily.co.uk is a web address that can be confusing at first glance. There are actually three distinct entities associated with this domain name, each offering different services:

  1. Daily Internet: A domain registrar and web hosting provider.
  2. Daily.co: A WebRTC platform for real-time communication.
  3. A Potential Website (Unconfirmed): There’s a possibility that daily.co.uk could also be a website, although its existence and purpose are currently unclear.

This article will explore each of these possibilities and provide a clearer understanding of what daily.co.uk might represent for your online needs.

1. Daily Internet: Your Local Hosting Provider (Most Likely)

The most probable association with daily.co.uk is Daily Internet, a web hosting company based in Nottingham, England. They have been operating since 2006 and offer a variety of services to individuals and businesses seeking an online presence. Here’s what Daily Internet provides:

  • Domain Registration: Daily Internet allows you to register a domain name, which is essentially your website’s address on the internet (e.g., yourbusiness.co.uk).
  • Web Hosting: They offer web hosting plans, which provide the storage space and infrastructure needed for your website to be accessible online.
  • Email Hosting: You can create professional email addresses associated with your domain name (e.g., [email address removed]).
  • Other Services: Depending on their offerings, Daily Internet might also provide additional services like website design, security solutions, and SSL certificates.

How to Identify Daily Internet:

  • Look for the company name “Daily Internet” or “Daily PLC group” on the website.
  • Check the website’s “About Us” or “Contact Us” sections for further information.

2. Daily.co: Building Real-Time Communication Tools

Daily.co is a completely separate entity from Daily Internet. It’s a web-based platform that utilizes WebRTC technology to facilitate real-time communication features like:

  • Video Conferencing: Daily.co allows users to conduct video calls with ease, directly within their web browsers, without requiring downloads.
  • Voice Calls: Make voice-only calls for quick communication or conference calls.
  • Screen Sharing: Share your screen with others during video calls for presentations or collaborative work.

How to Identify Daily.co:

  • The website’s design and content will revolve around real-time communication solutions.
  • Look for information about WebRTC technology or features like video conferencing.

3. Daily.co.uk as a Website (Unconfirmed)

There’s a slight possibility that daily.co.uk could also be a website in itself. However, at the time of writing this article, there is no definitive evidence to confirm its existence. Here’s why:

  • Website Not Found: Searching for “daily.co.uk” on a web browser might not lead to a functional website.
  • Limited Information: There’s a lack of online information about a website associated with daily.co.uk.

Important Note: If you encounter a website claiming to be daily.co.uk, proceed with caution. Be wary of any suspicious activity or requests for personal information. It’s best to verify the website’s legitimacy through independent sources before interacting with it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Which Daily.co.uk are you looking for?

The most likely scenario is that you’re looking for Daily Internet, the web hosting company. However, if your purpose is real-time communication, then Daily.co is the relevant service.

  • How can I find out more about Daily Internet?

Visit their website (likely not daily.co.uk directly) and search for “Daily Internet” or “Daily PLC group”.

  • How can I learn more about Daily.co?

Go to https://spacecoastdaily.co.uk/ for information about the WebRTC platform.

  • Is daily.co.uk a safe website?

If you encounter a website claiming to be daily.co.uk, verify its legitimacy through independent sources before interacting with it.


Daily.co.uk can be a confusing web address due to its association with multiple entities. Understanding the difference between Daily Internet, the web hosting company, and Daily.co, the real-time communication platform, is crucial. Additionally, the possibility of a website existing at daily.co.uk remains unconfirmed. By carefully evaluating the website’s content and purpose, you can determine which Daily.co.uk best suits your needs.

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