This article will describe how to split a single PDF file into numerous files using one of the best and most effective techniques. Here, you can find comprehensive instructions and a step-by-step guide for splitting a PDF into numerous files.

We are all aware that the PDF (Portable Document Folder) file format is frequently used to hold document data, such as text, photos, font size, colour, and signatures. However, there are occasions when we must divide a single PDF file into many files. This may be done to manage PDF files more effectively or to share specific pages of a PDF file. Whatever the reason, you will find the entire tutorial here.

How to Split Odd and Even Pages in a PDF Document Using Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat and open a PDF file.

Step 2: Choose View >> Tools from the menu.

Step 3: Select the Organise >> Open option.

Step 4: Click the Split icon in the top right corner.

Step 5: Select the Even and Odd Page range.

Step 6: Press the Split button to separate the Even and Odd pages in the PDF file.

Step 7: A confirmation window will show up; select OK.

Limitations of Utilising Adobe Acrobat

  • Adobe only permits consumers to upload 100 MB; if you have more than 100 MB of PDF, you must buy the pricey paid version.
  • The password-protected PDF file is not supported by Adobe Acrobat.
  • It also has fewer sophisticated features than the professional solution.

Perfect Solution to Split Multiple Page PDF Files Into Distinct Files

We’re going to use CubexSoft best and most widely regarded PDF Split Tool. The software is well known for using fantastic and sophisticated features to split multiple page PDF files into distinct files.

To split a single PDF into numerous files, both technical and non-technical users can utilise the software’s user-friendly interface. The programme is more powerful and distinctive than software from other brands since it includes different split possibilities. To divide a single PDF file into many files, users can easily download the software into any Windows OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all earlier versions


Here, we’ve covered both the professional methods for dividing pages into odd and even PDFs. The manual procedures should be used if you have specific PDF files. Additionally, use it if you have Adobe Acrobat’s premium version. And use the expert PDF splitter tool if you want a professional solution that is affordable but has great and advanced capabilities. I hope the essay was helpful in describing how to extract PDF pages into odd and even numbers.

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